Best DSLR and vlogger camera accessories under $50

Getting into any sort of photography or video hobbies can be expensive but the accessories do not have to be. I have done some research to try and find some great inexpensive camera accessories that could help you get a better shot or just make your vlogging life easier.

DSLR and vlogging camera accessories for under $50

Camera cleaning kit

Camera accessories: cleaning kit 1


Camera accessories: cleaning kit 2


Camera cleaning kits are super useful. Often one will watch a vlog on YouTube and you will see this mark on the image. That is either from the lens being dirty or the sensor being dirty. It is good practice to clean ones camera and if you notice these spots when you are editing your camera then try and clean it before your next vlog. These kits will help you with that task and are well worth the investment.


Sensor cleaner 

Camera accessories: sensor cleaning kit


Gorilla pod

Camera accessories: gorilla pod

The gorilla pod is used by some of the biggest and most popular vloggers on YouTube. This is one item on the list that is not a nice thing to have but a must have.

It allows you to get the camera further away from you than just holding your camera out. You can get a better grip because it can bend and move how you need it to.

One of the nice things about gorilla pods over normal tripods is that they can bend like I mentioned before. As I mentioned this allows for a better grip when holding the camera but it can also allow you to place you camera on many types of surfaces. The bendy legs can wrap around a light pole or a branch for e.g.

Lens Pen

Camera accessories: Lens pen


Memory card holder

Camera accessories: Pelican memory card case

One of my favorite camera accessories on the list. Quite cheap but always useful. One needs more than one memory card and they are not the most rugged of items. This little case will add that extra protection to the memory cards to make sure that they are safe. If you lose your memory card or it breaks by accident that could mean days worth of footage has been lost if you have no backed up. Well worth the investment and a fantastic camera accessory that every vlogger should have.

Cheap mic

Camera accessories: Lav mic


Even if this is just an extra it is worth the purchase. Time and time again YouTubers mics break. Most of them have more than one mic especially if they are vloggers. Having a backup mic is generally a good idea and for the price of this little mic it is well worth it and wont scare the bank. Using this as your main mic can be a good idea too particularly when you are in a crowded and noisy environment.


LED continuous light


I wanted to put “extra battery” on this list as having one or two more batteries can be extremely useful. The only issue were the prices. I couldn’t find consistent pricing for batteries but you might  be able to find some for under $50 depending on your camera. Another useful accessory or item is the battery charger, that way you can charge multiple batteries at the same time. I have seen a few of those for around $50.



Out of this list my favorite item would the be one of the camera cleaning kits. They are very useful and help out with photo and image quality potentially. Sometimes when I watch vloggers on youtube they have these dirty marks on either their sensor or their lens and I find it very distracting. So the cleaning kit is my pick of the bunch.


If you are looking to buy a new camera of lens take a look at my vlogging camera buyers guide and my post about what to look for when buying a new lens.