Best vlogging camera 2018

Every year cameras get better. But what is the best vlogging camera?

In this post I will go through what makes a good vlogging camera. I will also tell you what the best vlogging camera for 2018 is and why it is the best vlogging camera.

Canon SL2/200D


What makes a good vlogging camera?

  1. A good vlogging camera will allow you to attach an external microphone.
  2. Flip out screen. When vlogging being able to see the screen is a massive plus.
  3. Interchangeable lenses. This is not a must but it is extremely useful, the next point has more detail.
  4. Ultra wide. Some compact cameras have decently wide lenses but ultra is they way to go, it allows for more of the scene to be captured in the video.
  5. Full HD. 4K is all the rage today, but working with 1080p footage is much easier and less time consuming. It is also cheaper since you do need to have a high spec computer to work smoothly with it.

Those are the main points that make a good vlogging camera.

The most important of those points however is the microphone. When vlogging you need to have good audio quality. This can make or break your vlog. If you have poor audio quality people simply will not watch your vlog.

Flip out screens are extremely useful when vlogging. Being able to see what the camera is seeing is huge. This allows you to see if there is enough light coming through to the sensor, or if you are in focus or not. Some cameras even allow you to change settings with the screen.

Interchangeable lenses is more of a nice to have. It will allow you to try different things. Having a wide angle lens is fantastic on a vlog as it will show more of your surroundings. Being able to change the lens on your camera also allows you to try out different techniques. Getting a blurry background is one of those techniques that a lot people really like. I have a post detailing what makes a good vlogging lens here.

4K video required? I do not believe that 4K is ready yet for most people. It is getting there slowly though. The main reason I do not think that 4K is needed is because of computer hardware and internet speed. Having to upgrade your computer can be a costly exercise. If you do not have a fast internet line you might have to convert your 4K video to 1080p anyway which just means that you wasted your money on a 4K camera.


So what is the best vlogging camera in 2018?

This depends on what you want to do in general. But for me, the best vlogging camera in 2018 is the Canon 200D.

The reason why I think that the Canon 200D is the best vlogging camera is because it has everything that one needs.

Canon 200D features:

  1. It allows for an external microphone which is incredibly important.
  2. Can record video at up to 1080p/FullHD
  3. Has a flip out screen
  4. Interchangeable lenses
  5. Light weight
  6. Inexpensive compared to other DSLR’s

Again the biggest point here is the external microphone. The camera comes with a hotshoe which the microphone will attach to as well as having a microphone port on the side of the camera.

FullHD video recording at up to 60 frames per second. This is great, it gives you the ability to shoot some slow motion video if you want to which can add that extra bit of quality to a vlog if used correctly.

The Canon 200D also has a flip out screen which as discussed before is a great help when vlogging. The ability to change settings and see in real time what the video looks like is extremely useful. There is nothing worse than recording a great vlog only to realize you cannot see anything.

This camera has an APSC sized sensor and therefor mainly uses the Canon EF-S lenses. However, it also allows you to use the Canon EF lenses which are for the bigger more professional camera bodies. This is great because it gives you a wide selection of lenses that you can choose from.

DSLR’s can be heavy and expensive. The Canon 200D is none of those in the DSLR world. It has a light weight body which is another great feature for vlogging. Carrying a big heavy camera around for hours is not fun. Also the camera is relatively inexpensive.




To learn more about what makes a good vlogging camera you can take a look at my other article over here.